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Web Service accessibility assessment Tool – WebSaaT

Developed by CERTH/ITI

WebSaaT is a tool for the accessibility assessment of Web Services. The tool parses web service definition files and allows for the accessibility assessment of the web service operations defined within it.

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Key publications

  • [1] Giakoumis, D., Votis, K., Tzovaras, D., Likothanassis, S. and Hassapis, G., Introducing accessibility in the Web services domain. in 3rd IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology, ICCSIT, (Chengdu, China, 2010), 18-22.
  • [2] Giakoumis, D., Tzovaras, D., and Hassapis, G., Enabling accessibility characteristics in the Web Services domain, in Stephanidis, C. ed. Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Design for All and eInclusion, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2011, 177-186.

Detailed information

Please follow this link for more information about WebSaaT.