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Release Notes for Version 5.1 (updated on 11/04/2011)

  • A new OWL file was created, including all the WAI-ARIA roles, states and properties as defined by W3C,
  • The MWBP.owl was updated, output results were added and they were connected to Approaches.
  • A new property was added, only for the MWBP.owl file, which connects the Output results with the Tests and vice versa. The name of the property is OutputBelongsToTest and the inverse property is TestHasOutput.

Release Notes for Version 5.0 (updated on 17/11/2010)

  • All the devices, contained in the corresponding owl files, were connected with the corresponding disabilities (based on the HAM).
  • For each device, contained in the corresponding owl files, a description was added.
  • All the special characters, contained in all owl files, were replaced with the corresponding HTML Entity.

Release Notes for Version 4.5 (updated on 03/09/2010)

  • The property "Tip" was filled for all the Output Results of WCAG2.
  • New approaches, as well as new output results were added, concerning WCAG2.
  • Some Techniques of WCAG2 were combined, so that the output results are not conflicting. The combined techniques are G19-G176, G73-H45, H2-H37, H37-H67.

Release Notes for Version 4.2 (updated on 21/07/2010)

  • New output results were added, as well as a new approach. These new output results provide mainly warnings, which the tool cannot evaluate automatically due to the fact that they have a semantic meaning
  • New property was added to the output results, with the name "Tip". This new property contains information that assists the user in modifying the problematic elements, so that they conform to WCAG2 tests

Release Notes for Version 4.1 (updated on 17/05/2010)

  • WCAG1 and Section508 were deleted from all properties
  • Everything else that was related to WCAG1 and Section508 was also deleted

Release Notes for Version 4.0 (updated on 19/03/2010)

  • The property "hasInformationType" of the OutputResults of WCAG2.owl was modified based on the latest version of "WCAG2 tests implemented in ACCESSIBLE"
  • Deleted approaches from WCAG2.owl: "WCAG2_A003:BakcgroundImagesInCSS", "WCAG2:A113_checkTablesCaption", "WCAG2:A085_checkFontSizeCssPropertyRelUnits", "WCAG2:A103_checkHeightCssPropertyRelUnits", "WCAG2:A102_checkWidthCssPropertyRelUnits"
  • New approaches added to WCAG2.owl: "WCAG2:277_checkDataTablesWithoutCaption", "WCAG2:278_checkLayoutTablesWithCaption", "WCAG2:A279_checkNonDataTablesSummaryAttr", "WCAG2:A280_checkInputElementsWithoutLabelButWithTitleAttrH91", "WCAG2:A281_checkFontSizeCssPropertyWithoutPercentageValue", "WCAG2:A282_checkFontSizeCssPropertyWithoutEmValue", "WCAG2:A283_checkWidthCssPropertyEmUnits", "WCAG2:A284_checkHeightCssPropertyEmUnits", "WCAG2:A285_checkHyperlinksWithBlankTargetWarning"
  • ACCESSIBLE based personas were added
  • Personas were updated (two new properties were added "Meet" and "TtechnologyUsage")
  • DescriptionLanguage.owl updated based on the "ACCESSIBLE HAM Update and Description of Tests"
  • Approach (from WCAG2.owl) "checkDefinitionLists" property "hasName": from "checkDefinitionLists" to "A270_checkDefinitionLists"
  • Approach (from WCAG2.owl) "checkDataTablesIdHeaders" property "hasName": from "checkDataTablesIdHeaders" to "A275_checkDataTablesIdHeaders"

Release Notes for Version 3.0 (updated on 18/02/2010)

  • For the property hasDescription of the Output Results of the Generic.owl file, the symbols < and > were replaced by &lt; and &gt; and the symbol " was replaced by &quot;
  • For the property hasDescription of the Approaches of the WCAG2.owl file, the symbols < and > were replaced by &lt; and &gt; and the symbol " was replaced by &quot;
  • For the property hasDescription of the Checkpoint and Guideline of the WebService1.owl file, the symbols < and > were replaced by &lt; and &gt; and the symbol " was replaced by &quot;
  • A new property with name hasTip was added for all the Approaches of the WCAG2.owl file.
  • The Approaches of WCAG2.owl "A188_checkTdElements", "A189_checkThElements", "checkTrElements", "checkTableElementsExistence" and "checkLinkElementsRelAndHrefAttr" were deleted.
  • For the Approach "checkTextAlignCssProperty" of WCAG2.owl two more Output Results were added, which are namely the "textAlignCssPropertiesWithJustifyValue" and "textAlignCssPropertiesWithInheritValue".
  • Approach "A271_checkDataTablesIdHeaders" was deleted from WCAG2.owl.
  • The following approaches "A269_ check whether video freezes in places and plays extended audio description", "A270_ check definition lists existence and examine their structure", "A272_checkLinkElementsInHeadSectionRelAndHrefAttr_Warning", "A273_checkLinkElementsInHeadSectionRelAndHrefAttr_Error", "A274_checkTableElementsIncludingThTrTdElements" and "A275_checkDataTablesIdHeaders" were added to WCAG2.owl file.
  • The property hasName of the FunctionalLimitation "Mobility_Of_Bone_Functions_Unspecified" of WCAG2.owl was changed to "Mobility of bone functions, unspecified".
  • WCAG2.owl file was updated according to the newer version of the HAM methodology.
  • WebService1.owl file was updated according to the newer version of the HAM methodology.

Release Notes for Version 2.0 (updated on 14/01/2010)

  • Owl files BITV, FITA, IBM, Illinois, Microsoft, Netherlands, PAS78, Phillipines, Section508, StancaAct, Sun, VERVA, XUL, WCAG1 were deleted with all their classes and information. ACCESSIBLE project now uses WCAG2. WCAG 2.0 was published as a final W3C Recommendation Web Standard on 11 December 2008.
  • Name of class WCAG2:SuccessCriteria was changed to WCAG2:SuccessCriterion.
  • Property Disability_linksTo_Checkpoint was changed to Disability_belongsTo_Checkpoint and was filled manually.
  • Class Disability was connected directly with class User and class Checkpoint by filling manually 2 object properties: Disability_belongsTo_User and Disability_belongsTo_Checkpoint.
  • 5 instances were added to class OutputResult (dtElementsWithoutADdElementImmediatelyFollowing, fontSizeCssPropertiesWithoutNamedValue, totalDtElements, videosWithAudioDesc, videosWithoutExtendedAudioDesc)
  • 3 instances were deleted from class OutputResult (totalWaiAriaRoleAttr, totalWaiAriaStateAttr, totalWaiAriaPropertyAttr)
  • 2 instances were deleted from class Standard (WCAG1, Section508)
  • AEGIS personas were added. (28 total, 15 are with details and 13 will be extended later) and connected with WCAG2, Description Languages, Webservice and MWBP checkpoints.
  • All instances from class User were deleted and replaced by AEGIS personas.
  • 2 rules were modified (Disability to Approach, Impairment to Approach) in order to conform to new object properties.
  • 5 datatype properties were added to class User (hasAge, hasLocation, hasMaritalStatus, hasEducation, hasJob) in order to describe better AEGIS personas.